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Represented by: The Agency

Shai Gani & Irit Miller


Hight: 1.70 m. 

Eyes: Green

Hair: Curly dark blonde

Shirt: XL

Pants: 44

Shoes: 43

ייצוג: "הסוכנות"

שי גאני ואירית מילר


גובה: 1.70 מ'

עיניים: ירוקות

שיער: שטייני מתולתל

חולצה: XL

מכנסיים: 44

נעליים: 43

2010 - present


Rony Gammer- Actor

Rony Gammer- Actor

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2010 - present

Actor CV


2022:   “Part Time actor”- as Boaz, the theatre teacher, Directed by Tomer feller

2021:   “Last escape”- as Hanan the father, Directed by Gal Pardo

2020:   “Creep”- as Rami the teacher, Directed by Ilay Cohen

2019:   “Ahed’s knee”- as Yahalom’s brother, Directed by Nadav Lapid

            “Here we are”- as the bearded instructor, Directed by Nir Bergman

            “Voice in the Head”- as Mr. Bennet, Directed by Idan Katorza

2018:   “After Sunset”- as the psychologist, Directed by Sophy Maxine Carmon

            “A Very Sad Song”- as the manager, Directed by Jonathan Topaz

2017:   “Almost Romeo & Juliet”- as the theatre teacher, Directed by Eden Genish

2016:   “like lambs to the slaughter”- as the police inspector, Directed by Dor Stolik

2014:   “Just Justin”- as the eye doctor. Directed by Ori Neterman

2013:   “Coming home”- as the guy coming home, Directed by Liron De Castro

2012:   “Hamaavak 16”- as Felix, Directed by Rony Gammer

2010:   “touching no touching”- as Gilad, Directed by Yochi Pearl

2009:   “Radical”- as the fashion photographer, Directed by Omer Reis

            “A Wedding Ending story”- as the wedding photographer, Directed by Avi Malka


TV, Web & Music videos

2022:   "Livriut"- Many different parts in sketches and clips Directed by me

2021:   "Personal note"- original satirical mini web series Directed by me

2021:   “Eretz Nehederet”- as a corona thief Directed by Ofir Lobel

2019:   “Mother”- Mercedes band video clip, Directed by Kobi Flieshman

2017:   “Shadow rule”- as Tzafrir Yerachmiel. Directed by Ohad Perach

2013:   “The Jews are coming”- as Yoni Netanyahu, Directed by Kobi Havia

2010:   “Question marks”- as the doctor, Directed by Oded Davidoff

2009:   “The Island”- as Will the guard, Directed by Ofer Wizeman

            “Scavengers”- as Rafi, Directed by Dror Sabo

            “Ramzor”- as the husband, Directed by Ohad Perach



2008- current day:      about 35 different TV & web commercials


Good- Hebrew, English, Russian

Basic- Spanish, French, Arabic

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