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I named my production company after my first feature film which I have never made (yet).

I specialize especially in One Man Band productions, but given the right budget I have the ability to produce all kinds of videos with professional crews big or small.

לוגו רקע לבן.jpg

Livriut- לבריאות- מגזין שעושה שכל

A new platform made to house original content that can not be tolerated in the main media channels. Articles, videos: Satire, documental, music and more. 2021-today

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Maya Eylon

The first Israeli Zoom short film produced & directed by Jonathan Mordechai. with Keren Mor as a university professor in a boring zoom class which takes a tragic turn of events. Execetive producer. 2022


Personal note

Mini web series of 12 episodes- a monologue dedicated each time to a different public persona about current events of the moment. One Man band production by me. 2021-22

Home movie 2.jpeg

Home Movie

Video Art by Tal Alperstein. Home is a place that brings together realism of the everyday and cinematic fantasy. Small Budget production produced by me, small professional crew. 2021


Small Gifts

A satirical music video based on an Israeli popular song by Rami Klienstien. The new lyrics are mine, and I act in it and edited. Gadi Levi is singing and the music was arranged and mastered by Elad Peretz. A short documentary behind the clip is in the director's page. 2020.


Sleeping at the midday sun

A Stop motion music video I produced , directed & edited to Dan Torens song. Animation by Emlly Noy, with Evyatar Alon Naor as little Dan. helped to move things around: Erez Ashkelon & Maya Chernovrov. 2020

שעת הציפורים טאמבנייל.jpg

Bird's Hour

A music video to Sebastian Kaizenman's interpertation of Bird's hour from the project: "My land is songs" by Dan Toren, Amir "Jango" Rosiano & Doron Plaskov. One man band production by me, design and creation of the bird costume by karen Davidoff of MoonLab Studio. 2019

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So Low- Hatzivtia

Viral funny video written by Jul Gurevich & Neta Goldstien. The Interior design version take off on the successful original So Low video by Itay Zvulun. One man Band by me. 2019

המאבק טאםנייל.jpg

Hamaavak המאבק 16 

Feature film directed and Co produced by me. 65 min, 5 stories, 24 hours, 1 block. Each have their secret, their own private wound and on this day it reveals and they need to handle reality. produced by Avi Malka of "Impro"- school of acting in TV & film. 2018

זולה לנצח.jpg

Zula Forever 

Documentary, 52 min. The moving reunion of the community TV youth group "Zula" after 20 years of separation. As teen agers we produced and created a TV program led by Gitit Perlmuter, Roni Ganor, Ron Ofer & Tamar Zinger under the spread wing of Yochai Rotenberg, head of Cagan center at the time. I produced the event it self, the shooting and editing of it. 2016


Menutakim (Disconnected)

Pilot to web series. 9 min. co written with Vered Dayan, produced & directed by me. 5 Eccentric characters vlogging their life a way to a huge crown that might not be there at all... with: Dina Limon, Rafy Rotem, Roni Dotan & Yogev Buskila. 2013


This and That

Short film 7.5 min. Co Produced with Ariela Bronstein who wrote the script, directed by me. A young woman finds herself in Shaman's room and it throws her to a journey inside herself with all the women hidden there. 2012


Animal Gourd 

Commercial film co produced with Vered Cohen & Doron Brenner- head of the organization. Directed by me. 45 sec.

With Joy, my beloved dog, may he rest in peace. 2011


Long Lost Love

Diploma film of the Sam Spiegel Film school. mockumentary 20 min. Siri is directing a documentary about her long lost love Gidon, who is still stuck on his long lost love. With: Yael Peiser & Yoav Hyman. 2006


In Reverse
Second year film of the Sam Spiegel Film school. 9 min. Roey and Orna, his mom AR going to pick up the big sister released from hospital. Efraim, the father will not allow them to go without him. With: Amos Lavi, Irit Gidron & Barak Greenberg. 2003

מיס אנטבה.jpg

Miss Entebbe

Full length feature film directed by Omri Levi And produced by Yoav Roeh. Noa's mother is one of the Entebbe's kidnapped. she decides to kidnap an Arab child and ask for her mother's return. with Meirav Avrahami & Yael Abecassis. Production manager of the reshoots. 2003

מלחמה אחרת.jpg

Different War

Diploma film of the Sam Spiegel Film school directed by Nadav Gal. co produced by me and Oded Turgeman. During the shooting on Gilo in the 2nd Intifada Nuni gets the part of David in the end of the year show. He prefers to act as the princess. with: Shimon Amin, Hilel Capon & Evelin Hagoel. 2003

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